December 22, 2010


The Christmas season is always full of chaos. Everything competes with our attention, everything seems to demand our focus. The details of our days can seem overwhelming, the tasks can seem daunting. We end up in this hustle and bustle and all of this competes for our attention...our attention that should be focused on the Christ Child. The beautiful story of redemption that we have in Him.

The first Christmas season was about Peace coming to earth...yet here in this world the current Christmas season is chaos.

The first Christmas season was about love thru the BEST GIFT OF ALL, JESUS CHRIST in flesh...yet here in the world, the current Christmas season is about extravagantly giving "things", things that make us go PROVE that we love others? HUH?

The first Christmas season was the beginning of a beautiful redemption story...where you and I are both characters who have been made RIGHT. Yet today, we see it as the year end....and next month becomes about us setting goals to BE BETTER or MORE RIGHT in the next year.

Jesus came that we might have life, and have it abundantly...that we would have OVERWHELMING VICTORY...not chaos and defeat. I encourage you today to sit down with your Bible, ask God for peace, and move forward giving gifts of Life...telling the story to others of JESUS CHRIST...EMMANUEL.

Trusting in the sovereignty of God, let us march forward this Christmas season, purposefully proclaiming the truth of Emmanuel. Let us eliminate all distractions, so we can focus on the ONE thing that matters. JESUS.

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  1. This is a great reminder, thanks for posting. Merry Christmas