December 10, 2010


I became a mother 4 years ago today. It's crazy stuff....crazy..that a goofball like me has been entrusted with a child from Father God. Being a mother has taught me many things, it has shaped me in brand new ways, and has been an incredible journey that I am so excited to continue on. It's amazing how none of the books I read, or people I talked to really prepared me for mommydom...but, the gentle voice of Jesus, has guided me thru the past four years and transformed me into the perfect mom for my daughter Gracey. I am not proclaiming that I am PERFECT..but I am the RIGHT one to raise Gracey. God knew what He was sho!

Gracey takes awhile to warm up to people, she has to observe them for a season first.
Gracey won't take no for an answer (oy vey!)
Gracey feels deeply, and is genuinely wrecked by her sin when she stumbles
She is super funny, but gets nervous when people laugh at her
She is a song-writer.
She has FAITH in Jesus.
Gracey is a Prophet
Gracey has the gift of intercession and is already walking in this gifting
Gracey is a SNUGGLE BUG , a Night OWL, and a late riser
She is a sleep-walker
She loves dressing up...but doesn't mind getting dirty
Gracey Loves DEEPLY
Gracey already shows a passion for God's word and a thirst for HIm
She responds to words of affirmation
She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside and out
She is my daughter.

I'm the perfect MAMA for her...because she is a mini me....all the things that God has taught me, all the lessons I have learned throughout my life, the character building moments, the sins I've struggled with, and the way I've been misunderstood....all these lead to the ability to teach Gracey, to understand her, and to know how to pray for her. I love Being HER MOMMY. Happy Birthday to my precious little girl!

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