November 28, 2012

Bambi's feet

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights. Psalm 18:33

This morning as I was spending time in God's word, my eyes stopped on this verse in a chapter of the Bible that I am very familiar with, and I couldn't seem to move on.  I began to think about deer feet and ask "why" David chose to use a deer to describe his feet?  I quickly saw visions of Bambi, leaping across the meadow with Thumper,  and I drew a blank... My mind flashed to Bambi on the ice, spinning on his belly because his feet had skipped underneath him, and though,  in Bambi's klutzy moment I truly saw myself....(ask my husband about my daily run-in's wih the walls in our home)......I realized David was probably not describing this Bambi moment knowledge of deer feet was limited so I decided to dig in...which made scripture come alive!  Here is a brief summarized anatomy lesson....

Bambi feet
(Summarized from Hunting Net)
*suited for running, whether to chase or to escape danger.
* enable deer to move swiftly across dense forests
*back legs are very small, but muscular, front legs make pivoting swiftly come with ease.
outer hooves provide traction on slippery surfaces
*Inner hooves are tough and provide a soft landing on hard surfaces.
*Declaws: broaden the hoove's platform in necessary conditions, such as deep snow. 
*hooves are small but formidable weapons

What does Bambi have to do with me/you?
David is saying God gives us feet like a!  This means we have a  readiness to evade danger & to move swiftly thru the dark forests of life.  You see, we will hit trouble spots in this life,  but God gives us feet like the deer where we can move thru it...we have traction on slippery slopes, when it feels like we are sliding out of control, we have a soft landing on the hard ground we often have to trod through, we have weapons against the enemy, and though we may be small, with the feet that He provides, we have mighty power and strength to move with ease and leap with joy.  Having feet like a deer means that, with Christ, we are sure-footed!  We can be sure that no matter what the path ahead looks like, God will have our feet ready for the terrain.  

So my friend, as you walk thru this valley, as you feel as though you are evading danger, walking thru a dark forest where you cannot see a foot in front of you, where you feel you are in knee-deep, may I suggest that you walk with Him...on the feet He provides...don't walk on your your own way...stand firmly, securely, with confidence as you walk forward and soar on the heights.  Today, smile as you think of Bambi:). 

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