April 14, 2012

My hodgepodge heart

My heart is a hodgepodge, or (confused mixture) of...

* Exuberant Joy
* Passion to see God's church advance His kingdom & protect souls from the gates of hell
*Zeal to see people worshipping God with all that they are
*Passion to encourage others to embrace their God given identity and serve Him wholeheartedly
*Zeal to share with others the amazing things Christ has done in me, that they might see Him and exalt His name.
*A desire to have complete obedience to Jesus
*A passion for women to understand that God DELIGHTS in them.

But yet, there is also...

* Insecurity, which is only a classy word for "pride"...
* The SAVING face zone: this is an area that keeps me at times refusing to confess sins that I believe are minor, "no biggie", or that I keep waiting for the "right time" to confess. (yet I know that being prompt with confession is true obedience)
* People-pleasing rule follower instead of a God -pleaser thru the acceptance of Grace

The truth is that my Christ given heart, my new heart that I was given after accepting His free gift of grace, is at all times in danger of being overrun by the wretchedness that lurks around. I have to live intentionally, always with this knowledge that my heart seeks to destroy itself on occasion, and guard it thru confession, thru soaking in God's word daily, and thru being willing to make, what the world considers ridiculous choices, to follow Jesus. I do these things best in relationship with OTHERS:)

On my own, I can self-destruct at any moment...but in community...with OTHERS...people who will invest in my new heart, my God-given identity, people who will speak truth, people who will basically slap me when I am steeped in sin, people who will gracefully love me when I confess my wretchedness...It is in the "doing life with others", that my new heart..the heart Christ died to give me, rises out of the hodgepodge and I truly live.

Do you have people in your life that have permission to look into your hodgepodge heart? How do they encourage you to "truly live"?

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