April 20, 2012

Living One Day at a time

Living One day at a time Enjoying one moment a time Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace- Reinhold Niebuhr This line of the serenity prayer is the hardest for me to honestly live out. I'm a dreamer, a goal-oriented future thinker, and at times...a worry wart. Sometimes this part of my character is really healthy and it keeps me organized, directed, focused, and helps me live with intentionality. Then there are other times that my inability to live in the moment is extremely unhealthy. I will walk thru a hardship, and before you know it, I have woven in my mind a huge disaster that is sure to come...impending doom...and I am devastated about what "might" happen in the future because of what the hardship will bring. I spend hours toiling over it, and sometimes get physically ill because of it. I was walking in one of those moments today and I heard God say, "Sunny, be present with me in THIS moment..even in the pain, let's enjoy each other's company." You see, because I walk with Christ, I don't have to worry about tomorrow..I am free from that. Because I walk with Christ, I can trust that no matter what I walk thru, be it a hardship or even a disaster, that I will never be abandoned, that I will be given strength for the journey, and I can trust in the Sovereign Lord. I'd love to encourage you, to remind you, that no matter what you are walking thru, no matter what today brings, to live one day at a time, enjoy one moment at a time, and accept hardship as a pathway to peace. We do this by clinging to Him who knows what tomorrow brings.

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