December 2, 2011

Our son and one precious couple

There was a day where I was walking in darkness...where I didn't know my worth..and I was constantly searching for a place to belong. I was constantly depressed, but would fool myself into believing that I was "happy" by using quick fixes that only brought temporary relief. But...everywhere I went..there I was..everywhere I went, there was the gnawing sense that I there was no place I would ever belong.

Luckily, God, in His infinite goodness, has this plan to rescue His people. He often does this by using His people, and in my life, I am incredibly thankful that Pastor John Jackson & his beautiful wife Pam signed up for God's plan. I walked into the doors of Carson Valley Christian Center, now LIfePoint Church, nearly 10 years ago, searching for SOMETHING...little did I know, that I would find EVERYTHING I had ever been searching for.

John & Pam were people who saw me as I was created to be; they saw beauty in me..not stains from my sins, they saw potential in me...not just broken pieces, they saw that God had a plan for my life, and so... they encouraged me, spoke truth to me, spoke life into me, mentored me, invited me into new life in Christ...and invited me into their own family. Pastor John became my spiritual father and God used him to change the trajectory of my life.

This beautiful couple has been a blessing to my life, to my husband & I's marriage, and they have helped us in parenting our children. I share this today, because it gives me great joy to announce that our son who will be born in the next few days, will carry their name, to honor them, and to remind us what God has done for us. We pray that he will be a mighty warrior for God, a man after God's own heart, and a man who will sign up for God's plan to redeem this broken world.

Welcome little Jaxson Maverick Cain (or J-Mav as our new pastor & friend Pastor Bill McCready lovingly refers to him) He was born at 10:55am, December 2nd. He is 8lbs 3oz, 20inches long (mommy guessed this to the oz!!)...and he has lots of red hair! He is going to be a mighty warrior for Christ!

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  1. Wow...God is so good!!! I pray for much joy and love for you Sunny have always been an inspiration to me...ever since my first STEP class I was in with you and Cindy. Thank you!!