January 19, 2011

It's about Who You ARE

I heard something in the quiet place tonight that I have on my heart to share with you..."It's not about how you look, what you wear, what you say, what you'll do next, it's not about what you eat, how often you work out, how much protein you have, or where you's not about who you know, how many "followers" you have, or how many times a day you's about who you are...MINE!"

You belong to Jesus. He created you on purpose and He doesn't just love you..HE likes you. That sounds backwards..but once when I took my 3 year old to her pediatrician and we were discussing the difficulties of toddlerhood..he said something that stuck with me, "We have to love our children...but we don't always have to like them..."..still makes me smile to this day. The truth is that although I don't always have "likeable" behavior...God always loves me..and HE LIKES Me too:) (and He likes you too!)

I bring my Father joy as I smile. He likes the dimples in my cheeks, and the freckles that dance across my face. He likes the way that I feel deeply and how I passionately love people. My zeal doesn't burn Him delights Him. He likes that I have a heart for justice and a willingness to speak truth (even though I am terrified to do it). He likes my crooked smile, my wild hair, and He loves how often I come to Him.

But you know what?...He can't stand when I see a false me standing in the mirror, fighting with my reflection, trying to kick the "me" out. He detests the fact that I sometimes feel the need to lie, to name-drop, to people please, all to "prove" my right to exist, or to belong to something. You see..I do...I BELONG TO JESUS (so do you!)

He hates that I condemen myself every time I I put my boxing gloves on and begin a match with myself that lasts for days, as I work hard to kick the "me" out. He hates this because He came to set me free...not to condemn me. (He came to set you free too!)

He LOVES ME. He created me uniquely. He formed me, set me apart for His purposes, clothed me in beauty, compassion, love, grace & forgiveness.He covered me in His blood and purchased me with His own life. He has poured His anointing on me.. He likes the wife I am, the mother I am, the sister & friend I am...He Likes Me...He loves me (getting cheesy..but so true)..and He WANTS SOME MORE OF ME!

He wants me to take my boxing gloves off, put my mascara wand down, & unplug my flat-iron....He wants me to stop trying to "change" the "me" he created and he will put on white gloves to handle me gently, with extreme care as one would handle a treasured, priceless, piece of art, as He does His "transforming" work IN Me. He doesn't want to take the "me" out...He wants to press me into the REAL ME..the identity He gave me,...the one that marks me as a daughter made in her Father's image.

How does God feel about you? You ever asked Him? Have you ever sat in His lap and truly listened for the answer? It's uncomfortable...but I encourage you..I challenge you..I plead with you to do so..RIGHT NOW:) Share what He lays on your heart below:)


  1. I hear him telling me how he loves my smile, he enjoys the passion he see that i have for another human being, he tells me that i am loved more than i know, He say Cody stop fighting the fact that you are an amazing leader who will transform this world. I hear God telling me that no matter what i do where i go or how i am that he adores and always loves me full and whole heartedly and i tell you right now dear God that i accept that love and i am honored to be who i am the REAL ME :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Cody! I pray God continues to speak into your life..what He likes about the REAL You he created you to be!