January 18, 2011

ONE WORD Pulse check

I am late on my weekly posting of my OneWord for 2011. (Nourish) I have been crazy busy with my friends wedding (beautiful, heart-warming, encouraging...and YEAH GARDNERS)...but here it goes!

At first look at the review of my past week, I truly thought I had mostly failed on my ONE WORD my health is suffering because of my lack of nourishing my body thru healthy choices ( LIKE RESTING)...but when I read this scripture, I was reminded of some "WINS" I had. Check it!

7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.
8 This will bring health to your body
and nourishment to your bones.

Don't be a wise*$# got it (ok, most days), fear the Lord..and SHUN, or DELIBERATELY TURN from evil...THIS will bring nourishment:) HAllelujah, I had small glimpses of success this week. This week...I had to make DELIBERATE CHOICES... speak with kindness when I was being spoken to with harshness love someone who I felt didn't "deserve" it..because JESUS said to shut 2 conversations down where gossip had begun.. forgive someone close to me without an "apology" or a change of their actions.

All of these cases, I had to DELIBERATELY TURN from, or shun, the desires of my flesh, the evilness that my feet can so easily been ensnared by. These seemingly small victories, were incredibly difficult, character-building moments for me, where I had to cling to Christ, and follow Him...even if it cost me my pride, my so-called "rights", and where I laid myself down in obedience...God's word said these moments brought health to my body, and nourishment to my bones.

So, in the midst of several failures of "nourishing"..I had a few wins. I am thankful Lord that you have given me the ability to obey..because your goodness, your anointing lives in me. Without you, I would be old-brittle bones, and probably miserable. Thanks be to you Jesus! HAVE ANY WINS THIS WEEK?...tell me about it?

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