December 1, 2010

I learned a lot in 30 years

In 30 years I have learned....

that unicorns are not real
that 90% of the time, people don't mean to offend you.
that Hot Tamales are the perfect little candy in the world and taste delightful with popcorn
that accessories can make you go from drab to fab
that some people call "pop", "soda" and in California, they call it "coke"
that high heels not only make you look taller, but feel thinner (but at 30, they make your hips ache :))
that ribs (that you eat) are actually ribs, and not slang for meat sticks
that there is power in confession of sin, and God brings healing when you do it.
that accountability is CRITICAL
that in the quest to be "AUTHENTIC" and "REAL" it is not wise to share EVERYTHING with EVERYONE
that failure isn't a "bad"'s a learning thing
that my ideas aren't better than everyone else's
that you don't always have to say what you are thinking
that all things should be tested against God's word..and not against how they "feel" to me
that a solid relationship with Christ isn't based on sheer emotional experiences
that extreme passion and zeal can burn others simmering down is an option
that it is impossible to please everyone
that I am not in control
that God intervenes
that I can cross just one eye..and it is BOOTIFUL! :)
that God hears my prayers
that intercession isn't just for people who "like" to pray, but a command
that people let you down, but often don' mean to
that though fathers leave sometimes, God never abandons or forsakes his chosen ones
that forgiveness is tough to extend, but beautiful in its end
that it takes, what the world see as ridiculous choices, to follow Christ
that leading worship has nothing to do with singing
that I have been healed & set free
that snuggies are not just glorified wedgies..but rather a soft, cozy blanket that even dogs can enjoy

and the most important thing that I have learned in 30 years is that JESUS SAVES.


  1. Oh Sunny I love this! Really, thank you for sharing, it was moving and witty and I can identify. I think I'll do one of these in a few months. Life is just beginning friend! Love you. :)

  2. You should do this for sure!! It helped me realize that getting older is not that painful:) HA! Love ya!