November 13, 2010

Hiatus canceled

I miss blogging.

I love writing.

I haven't been doing it for a long season...which has been unhealthy in my life......because when I write...I CONNECT...I DIG DEEPER...I FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS MORE.

The truth is that my husband and I were talking tonight about my passions, about things I ADORE..and he asked why I haven't been writing lately (He is my blog stalker)...and something "clicked"...and it wasn't the pen in my hand....

I love writing. I love writing more than I love Starbucks, more than I love hot tamales, and even more than I love singing (WHA) (THE SECRET's OUT!). I love writing, even when nobody reads it, because I have a belief, it's not theology...or even doctrinally sound....but I believe that Jesus reads my writings..because

I believe that Jesus cares about the things that we are passionate about....cuz He wired em into us. I believe that when I write..Jesus giggles...that we converse, that He challenges me...that He inspires me...and that He speaks to me as my pen hits the pages of my journal, or as my fingers type on my keyboard.

And even as I type this (silly as it sounds)...I feel something stirring up in me...that has been sleeping for awhile..a kind of excitement that I can't describe

And I feel my Savior saying, " are listening" :)

So, here it goes...back on the El Bloggo!

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