November 24, 2010


I found myself thinking about my Grammy all day today and overflowing with thankfulness for her as I reminisced about snapshots from my life. I wanted to take time today to tell you guys about my Grammy, a woman with tremendous character, true beauty, integrity, & faith. She is FANTABULOUS!

I am not going to share details, because they are hers to share, but I can tell you, and you can take my word, that my Grammy has been thru hell and back in her life...seriously. The amazing thing is that she is incredibly brave, strong, resilient, and lacks bitterness. She is an incredibly loyal person, and her family means the world to her. She used to say "Rise and Shine, Sunshine" as I glared at her from under the covers. She has spent years loving me enough to laugh at all my jokes and even went to the extent of pretending to pee her pants so that I could feel funny (even when my jokes were terrible). HA!!

She doesn't always say what "feels" right, but she usually utters wisdom. My Grammy isn't the kind of woman who walks around with "Jesus Follower" t-shirts on her, or who hands out tracks to the neighbors, she's not the kind of woman who makes sure she reads all Christian books, hangs with all Christian friends, or who drops lines like "God is mighty to save"..but she is the kind of person, that when you observe her ACTIONS, the way that she has walked thru life, the way that she has handled incredibly painful circumstances, and the way that she has loved her family, you can't help but notice that she is a woman with a faith in God. I am quite convinced that my Grammy has a prayer life that nobody sees, except her Heavenly Father. I am also convinced that when she stands before Jesus that He will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" and that she will be rewarded greatly.

I long to be more like my Grammy; to extend forgiveness where it isn't "deserved", to walk forward with inner strength that comes from my quiet times with God, to have my WALK, my ACTIONS, show that I have a faith in God as I retire my "WWJD" t-shirts, to cling to my Savior, even in the times when life hurts like hell, and to stand by my family no matter where they go or where they've been.

I love you Grammy, this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for you



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  1. This is precious, Sunny. My Grandmother, too, has a lot of these same traits, and I know she's dancing in heaven with Jesus!! Thanks for sharing!