November 20, 2010

In You

In you is peace, balance, freedom from constant worry, juggling & nose-diving.
In you is a smile for worn out faces
In you is a white sunlight on cold bodies darkened by the stain of sin
In you is power to overcome that which has taken me to the grave
In you is strength for weary, wounded soldiers
In you is transformation for those assumed "never to change"
In you is quietness in a world that won't stop screaming
In you is where my heart sings instead of being silenced by my avengers
In you is the beauty that my imaging eye keeps searching for.
In you is joy far above the fake laughs that bubble up for passer-byes..
In you is an anchor that plants the roots of my soul and keeps me from drifting
In you is a kind word when all I've got is the F word
In you my massaged, washed feet dance
In you my heart knows its purpose and stops aimlessly wandering
In you obscurity becomes prosperity
In you thanksgiving is more than just a day for cranberries and dried bird
In you I have laughter that rolls continuously like the waves that won't leave my sand-buried toes alone.
In you my barren womb was filled with Grace
In you MY INCOMPLETES are canceled
In you I can actually breath not simply because you gave me life, but because you lifted the world off my heaving chest

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