August 6, 2010

My Somedays will not be TODAY

I obsess over my hair...literally ever piece of it.
I change outfits 5-6 times some mornings (sometimes more than that)
I panic some days as none of the clothes I have are "flattering" on me.
I stress over what shoes to wear & am convinced I have none that look "right"
I put my makeup on to cover what the enemy has convinced me is "ugly"
I have always stared at the number on the scale and been depressed.
I see "too fat", "not good enough", "too much cellulite", "too white", "chubby legs", "flabby arms", "funny teeth".

I stay busy...busy running....running away from fear of rejection..running away from insecurity...running from lies...and covering up what I am running from with the "right" look.
Sometimes though, I run from the truth. The truth that "Hey, Jesus Loves Me!"

The truth that I am lovable, beautiful, and "dog on it..people like me" (little Stuart Smalley for ya!) My best friend called this morning with an overwhelming pressing from the Lord to speak to my heart. She went on to speak the Lord's truth over me. She said she doesn't see all that "stuff"..she sees ME. The ME God created. The words she spoke over me were my true identity. The ME God sees

I am beautiful, inside and out
I am a masterpiece, created with beauty in mind
I look good with short or long doesn't matter:)
I could wear the same outfit everyday and it wouldn't change how I am received or loved
I am contagious because I am loving, joy-filled, funny, and compassionate.

THe bottom line is ....I AM HIS. I am full of treasure....a rare jewel. And today....I believed my friend. I believed her because she was simply a vessel for my Father's voice. And TODAY..I am standing against the schemes of the enemy. My SOMEDAYS will not be TODAY! Let's stand together. WE are good enough as God created us. We are precious in HIs sight. We are beautiful. Nothing can take our beauty away and nothing can add to just is. We are the apple of the Lord's eye. ...and "Dog on it..people like you!"


Am I alone in this? Do you wrestle with the same things? Who do you see when you look in the mirror and who do you think God sees? Praying today that you see your true identity.


  1. So very true - I think we ALL feel and think that way. You are beautiful, smart, talented and PRICELESS!

    (I almost find it funny that you said all that first part, as sometimes when I see you I am jealous of how you look, sing, testify...)

  2. Miranda...I know, I don't think I have ever met a woman who doesn't wrestle with it on some level. It is a way that the enemy has snuck in to our culture and seeped into our hearts. It's funny to me that so often we look at someone else and think we want to "look" more like them, sound more like them, have a powerful testimony like them, or even be as "spiritual" as them. The problem is that we are wanting to be someone other than us. Praying God will help me stop circling this same mountain and finally climb to the top with Him as my shield of victory in it!

  3. I know that I don't see what God sees. I wish that I did!

  4. And you are beautiful, I love the outfits that you wear and your hair is FABULOUS!!!!

  5. My struggle is more on the inside, and hiding who God created... Love you Sunny! If only all of us would spend more time seeing who we are (and God loving us) instead of who we think we should be or want to be!!