July 22, 2010

6 Years Yo!

I can remember the night I met him like it was yesterday. Whenever I would go into Applebee's, where he was the manager, he would stare at me and I would nervously eat my dinner...wondering what he was thinking. One night I was served raw chicken wings (ewww) and my dining experience left me frustrated beyond belief because of how this manager handled the situation. He refused to talk with our table about the incident and for some reason that left me irritated. (I found out later he was too nervous to come talk to me because he thought I was beautiful and had stunning EARS...isn't that funny?:)) So...our relationship began with a bad experience..and my first impression was....well, it wasn't good! My hubby will tell you an entirely different side of this story (maybe I will have him join in the blog convo)....but my story is the BEST one:) Several months later an employee of his, who was in the church choir with me. tried to set us up. I wasn't really interested in dating, & neither was he at the time...but I told her I would love to make a new friend.....and that if he wanted to hang with me, he would need to meet me at church. At the time...I had zero clue she was talking about this Applebee's manager whom I really imagine my surprise when it was him who showed up at church to hang out with me! The best part is that we've been hanging ever since. ... He's my best friend and we got married 6 years ago today!

We are the least likely couple to end up together....
He likes being in the water...I like sitting on the sand
I love reading books...He likes listening to books on CD
I am moved by art.....He thinks I am strange
I thrive in chaos....he loves organization & can't stand clutter
He drinks soda....I drink pop
He loves sports....I can hardly distinguish between them..
I do know a checkered ball belongs on the soccer field :) lol
He loves camping and the great outdoors....I like to wash my hair and sleep in a bed...and bugs freak me out

BUT....WE both... Jesus & His word
...have been radically transformed playing practical jokes...ask our friends about ding dong ditching watching other people come to know Christ

My husband blesses me tremendously. He is humble, extremely fun and makes me laugh every day...sometimes hard enough that I pee my pants (insert your thought she serious?? :)) , he still looks at me like I am the only woman in the whole world and calls me beautiful everyday, I am proud to be led by him, his humility and integrity are causing him to continually be transformed into a man after Gods heart, his love for our kids has restored my hope in what God intended a father to be...ok, I could go on all night..but instead of typing here...I think I will go snuggle up with him!
Happy Anniversary to my precious hubby who truly knows the real me....and married me anyway.


  1. That is an awesome story! Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a glorious tribute! I celebrate what God is doing in you both and love you deeply.