July 20, 2010


Who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill? Psalm 15:1

The beginning of this psalm got me thinking this morning about preparing to go into the presence of God, preparing our hearts to worship Him. When you get ready for church, do you spend time preparing your heart? Do you spend time making sure that you are walking in integrity and that your relationships are healthy, appropriate? it easier to get up, go thru your morning routine...perhaps make your coffee, spend time picking out your outfit, flipping thru the sports/news channels, showering, getting the kids ready to be out the door...driving to church and then rushing in the door only to find out you have missed the first worship tune?

If I am completely honest, I would have to say that my morning routine always happens. I always make sure that I am ready (on the outside), but I am not ALWAYS certain that my heart is prepared to enter His sanctuary. I realize that the church building in itself is just a building....that the church is made up of God's people...but, if we are expecting God's presence to move us on Sunday mornings, and we should...then shouldn't we be thinking about the state of our hearts prior to entering the building?

Matthew 18:20 says"For where two or three gather together as my followers I am there among them.”

We gather on Sundays for what? Not simply for a social club...although at times I think our hearts treat it as such. We gather not for entertainment...although if the preacher doesn't "bring it" ..or the band plays a song that we don't like...we often leave disappointed. The truth is that the purpose of our gathering is fellowship, is gathering together to worship God with other followers, encouraging one another in our faith, etc. So..we are gathering in HIs name..and we should have a holy expectation that God will be there. Do you prepare the temple of your heart prior to entering God's presence?
Psalm 15 goes on to talk about how to enter into His presence. I think the person ready to enter God's presence isn't necessarily one who has ritualistically checked off their "ENTERING THE SANCTUARY" to- do list, or who looks as though they are worshipping with the right attitudes (lifting hands, smiling at neighbors, saying "amen")....but rather a person who lives in transparency...with a heart that is accessible to God drawing them to repentance and their thought life is reflected in their speech and actions...this makes us "ready" to meet God. Just my "two cents"...may not be worth much:) What are your two cents on the issue of preparing for God's presence?

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