July 10, 2010

Father God,

I am so grateful to you for who you are and all that you’ve been in my life. I am in awe of your majestic presence in my life over the years. You’ve always been there even when my human eyes have failed to see. I have never been out of your reach, I have never been snatched from your hand, and even the moments that I wrestled with remained faithful. You have promised never to forsake me or abandon me and even in the painful moments of my life...the moments that had me at my worst, the moments where I was walking thru fire..where I was in deep waters, I was not burned and I didn’t drown. How is it that prior to me recognizing you, prior to me acknowledging you as Lord of my life...that even then oh Lord..even then you protected me. You have rewritten the painful text of my life, you have changed my painful moments into praising moments. I praise you for you redeemed me...I praise you because you delivered me. I praise you because you have healed didn’t just stick a band-aid on my wounds, but you kissed them as a father would his child, you kissed them and then you placed your love as a seal upon used your very tears to wipe away my hurt, and your precious blood to wash away my shame. How can I ever say thank you enough? My heart is bursting with joy, with love, and I can’t help but sing songs to selfless King...the one who saved me with your mighty strength, the One who parted the heavens, saw me in my pain and rescued me because you took delight in me. My whole world is changed because you simply SAW me. You took me in your arms and told me I was worth dying for, you took me in your arms and told me I belonged...I BELONG TO YOU. Can you tell the one reading this that they too belong to you? Can you tell them that you SEE them? Can you tell them that nothing can separate them from your everlasting love and that all they have to do is draw near to you and you will remain faithful in your promises and you will draw near to them? I pray that every person who reads this will feel overwhelmed with your love and that no matter where they are in their life that they could be transformed for the first time, or even transformed once again as they peer into all that you are and experience being washed in your love.

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