May 20, 2010

Clingy Like a pair of BVD's

I don't know about you but the word "cling" or "clingy" isn't generally a word that I would want to describe me. When someone "clings" to you it is exhausting to us as humans. They are "extra" needy, smothering, emotionally OVERLY attached, always trying to have close contact with you, and they often resist separation from you. oooo, like cling wrap. Crazy, to imagine wanting a friend like that, one like cling wrap. Do you naturally want to sign up for that? We can't even stand static cling!

However, God created us to cling to Him. For some reason when I was thinking of that tonight, I realized that what I know of clinging is unhealthy, it has given me an unhealthy image of what God must feel like when I am needy. But, I am putting the wrong face on God. God doesn't find me (or you) irritating when we cling to Him, when we resist separation from Him, when we are emotionally fact He likes it when we are OVER THE TOP EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED. Check this out...

"As a loincloth clings to a man's waist (see picture..looks like a pair of BVD's to me?), so I created Judah and Israel (and Sunny, and "insert your name") to CLING to me, says the Lord......" Jeremiah 13:11-12

In this passage (in context) God is frustrated because His people have not clung to Him, but instead have followed worthless idols....He is so opposite of our humanness! He isn't frustrated when we ARE clingy! He's frustrated when we AREN'T!

I am excited to know that God wants me , longs for me, to cling to Him. ...He loves my neediness...He would love it if we were overly emotionally attached. He would love it if we resisted separation from Him. He wants us to be cling wrap. He wants the static of our hearts to cling to Him. He wants us to be clingy like a pair of BVD'S!!


  1. Okay, not sure where this was going when I saw the title...

    Nicely done. Cling to Him, in the good and the bad, hold tight.

  2. That was EXCELLENT! So many words have negative connotations except when it comes to God. Needy, addicted, obsessed, etc. In fact, we should strive for those things!

  3. Thanks guys! Lee..I love the thought of striving for an addiction to GOD! I'm on it!