March 5, 2010

We'll miss the treasures of God's word if we are busy reading it for others instead of reading it for God to transform us. What we learn was never meant to give us a platform of judgment but rather to change our wretched hearts.

Do you find your mind wandering while you read God's word...wandering into justification after you read something? For instance, when you read wisdom nuggets does it trigger you to think about "so and so" and how wrong they have been? Do you find yourself searching God's word to prove someone else's behavior is wrong or in "left field"?

If I am totally honest, I have slipped into this thinking quite a bit. I have used what I have learned, at times, as a platform for judgement....and yet WHO AM I that I think I have the right to cast any judgement upon others. God's word was given to teach me how to love, not how to judge, it was sent to transform my wretchedness, not to fan up the flame of my self-righteousness.

God's word is full of amazing treasures. It is a guide, a companion, full of love. It is the best self help book you will ever read...only this self-help book will open your eyes to realize that self-help is no help at all...but rather it will transform you for His glory to begin sharing in His story so that others might be transformed too.

Thank you Lord for the treasure we have in the Word you gave to us. Forgive us for the times where we have used your words as a platform to cast judgement on to other people. I pray that we would read it with humility knowing it is "we" who you want to change. I love you Lord!

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