March 5, 2010

What does God love about you?

So often as Christians we spend time focusing on our shortcomings. It is true that the more we come to know Christ, the more we recognize that we will always fall short, daily. But so often our minds get stuck there...focusing on the things we do wrong. God already knew that we would do things wrong, it's why He sent His son....but He does not want us trapped in negative thinking...not the God I know.

Have you forgotten that this is the same God who says that you are "fearfully & wonderfully made" (Psalm 139), the same God who says that "He rescued you because He takes delight in you" (Psalm 18:19), and the same God who says that "in Him we might become the righteousness of God" ...Have you forgotten about this side of our God?

See, God takes delight in you, loves you, and He would give up His only son before He would give up on you (it's done!) WOW! "God takes our lives that no one else wants or can use, and then He uses them as no one else can" Max Lucado

Have you forgotten this? Because the God I know doesn't condemn, and HE surely doesn't want us condemning ourselves. When He said that He takes delight in us....He already knew that we were simply stated...STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Allow HIs love to transform you. Focus on His love and grace...and the sin will melt away...and we will become perfected in Him!

How about if right now you pause and ask God what He likes about you? Ask...and He will answer! (We did this last night in a rehearsal, and when I asked...I was blessed to receive an answer!). I pray that today you will focus on His love for you, instead of being down on yourself. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are HIs!


  1. I seem to forget when I'm alone, I am w/the One I need to be with. Thanks Sunny;)

  2. Allison, Yes! Such good news that we are never alone, that He promises never to forsake us or abandon us. In fact, being alone with Him is often right where He wants us!