February 19, 2010

A Thorn in my flesh

I wrestle with people-pleasing.

I fall into seasons where I end up feeling incapable of making a decision, where I feel confused about everything, and where I am worried that any decision I make will upset others....these have become warning signs to me over the years...that I am in a total-people pleasing cycle. It's a ridiculous cycle, and's pretty humbling to admit.

The truth is that when I enter into these cycles, I actually create chaos, frustration, and confusion for the people around me too, and I, *gulp*, miss the boat, I ,*double gulp*, drop the ball.

I entered into a week like this last week...and the confusion was thick, the worry was heavy, & the battle raged on. Then I heard a still small voice that said "I am well-pleased with you my child,& I take great delight in you even when you make mistakes, wrong decisions, and even when you "drop the ball". I know everything about you, I created you, you're mine....I will never abandon you..EVER!"

The amazing thing to me is that the VERY place I the VERY place my God meets me, ministers to me, forgives me, & transforms me. I may still wrestle with this sin, but every time God is there to remind me of my sin, refine me, & to renew me. When I hear His is crystal clear to me whom I should please...not man...but God. And you know what....we don't have to strive, to take the right steps, to say the right prayers or anything else to get His approval & delight..we already have it. We may fall short (everyday)...we may make wrong choices (everyday)..but even when He disciplines..He loves us (everyday)!!! Amen.

I invite you to embrace the areas that you know that you fall short...stop running from them, run to them (not in a sin-filled kind of way)...but in an acceptance of the truth that God will refine, renew, & meet you in this area...if you allow Him too! Have a fantastic day!

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  1. As a recovering people-pleasing sister, thanks for this!! God made me just the way I am...and loves me even tho I struggle!! Love ya!