January 23, 2010

Baffled. Beyond. Belief.

This week God has been taking me on a journey of looking back at the slimy pit He delivered me from. I am overwhelmed this week...OVERWHELMED that I have been redeemed, that every step of my journey...GOD has been present. There is this whole chunk of my life that was extremely painful, confusing, abusive, you name it....and for years I wrestled with God on why He allowed it to happen. Two years ago God showed me that He was there all along, holding my tears, shedding some of His own, grieving at the pain endured....yet He allowed it for my good, because He loves me THAT much. See..the ONLY reason that today I know I have a REDEEMER, that I know the TRUE, LIVING, because He allowed me to go through the muck. He is Sovereign, the BEGINNING...and the END...and in those painful moments God could see me beyond them, He could see that although I was surrounded by evil at the time...that HE would have the victory in my life...and then He would use that season for His glory OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

My Redeemer is AMAZING...seriously amazing. I have often looked back at the chunk of time in reference, and wondered how others around me in that period didn't rescue me from the slimy pit, didn't act on my behalf, and God has asked me time and time again to forgive and to know that HE would use it for His glory in my life...and in theirs. See...HE is my redeemer...NOone else. He acted on my behalf.....HE PURCHASED ME WITH HIS BLOOD! (and He purchased you!) so now there is no doubt in my mind that HE is FOR me....that I AM HIS.

Then tonight, I got a friend request from a person that walked thru the "slimy pit" with me. I was BAFFLED. BEYOND. BELIEF. This was a person that, to be honest, I had to forgive years ago...and as we got to chatting, I found out that SHE TOO HAS BEEN REDEEMED. She has been able to use that painful time, the things she learned, to minister to the needs of others. God had the victory in her life...what the enemy meant to do was to destroy her..and separate us from Christ...but no....CHRIST HAD the victory in both of our lives. I stared at the computer screen with tears streaming down my face and I understood...that she and I...WE ARE THE REDEEMED. I understood that painful times in our lives....are somehow GOOD times...because God will HAVE THE VICTORY, and I can (and will) take Him at His word...that "He will work ALL things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose". what painful chunk of time do you need to give to the it the current one? Were you hurt? Wondering why you weren't rescued by someone, why no one stood up for you? Why things went down the way they did? I don't know, and I can't know...but what I do know is that JESUS CHRIST purchased you....that He will use your pain to bring you to peace. THAT my friends, is the TRUTH...and there is such freedom there. I pray that we, the redeemed, will walk in worship of putting our trust in HIs word, forgiving others, and WAITING EXPECTANTLY for God to show up on the scene!


  1. Oh have put into words a journey I've been on for over a year now. And I, too, am constantly reminded that only HE is the redeemer, and not to question the 'whys' of what happened- but to forgive and trust! I love you, Sunny!

  2. Thank you for the reminder of how great He is! I really needed this today!!

  3. Thanks for the amazing words of comfort and encouragement I needed at just this moment. God is taking me on a journey that constantly has me in pain and yet I know this pain is His glorious will. Jeremiah 29:11 Love you!