January 20, 2010

I've got that JOY JOY JOY JOY, down in my heart!

So today was one of those days where no matter how hard I worked to keep the joy that my day began with, at EVERY turn, and I mean EVERY turn, the enemy sought to rob me of joy. It started out wonderful; devotion time & prayer time with hubby, then a wonderful date alone with Jesus...and from the second I shut my bible...the race was on...(spiritually at least).

First, the car was out of gas...ugh! I scrambled to get my little girl out of bed & dressed (which if you know my daughter, this is a huge challenge, because she likes to try on several before she has the "right " one...) I called a gracious friend to help take me to the gas station.. then the gas station didn't carry gas cans so we had to go to Target, which wasn't that big of a deal except that they only had one gas can, which I about broke when I opened it (fabulous!)....I found a nice gentleman to help me out, we fixed the issue. After paying I decided to treat my friend to a coke, except when I went to fill the cup, the spout plopped off the fountain and it sprayed ALLL over me, mainly on my smiling face, but the ordeal turned out to be a blessing to the "old dude coffee troupe" that was hanging behind me because they had free morning entertainment....after 10 min, I finally had my friends' coke in hand, and it made her smile (STILL HAVE JOY at this point...unspeakable joy!) Went to the gas was fun! I put the nozzle into the can and it overflowed, I wiped it off, it got on my hand...and let me tell you I was thankful, because I forgot to put perfume on for the day, so I now had a beautiful smell of gas, strong, potent, gas...wonderful!

I had lunch with some cool folks, discussed Easter all of which refueled my joy tank.

then later I had these strange moments of MAJOR attacks of insecurity, fear, etc...and so when I left, I was just starting to feel really down about my day. I called my husband to recount the events of the day, and then as I finished telling him about the "joy-stealers" that had invaded...I said..."I'll call ya back, I'm getting pulled over." WONDERFUL!!

The truth is that my car slipped a tiny bit on the ice so I chose to intentionally run the stop sign...and because I needed a good laugh, there was a police officer waiting for me:) (STILL FULL OF JOY):) The good news is that by this time I probably looked like H..E.. double hockey stick, hair all over the place, soda on my face (ok, it was gone by then), and I smelled delicious with the gasoline on my hands, so the kind lady let me off scott free! WHOOOT JOY!!!

Right when I thought I wanted to cry, and ask God for a "do-over", right when I thought I wanted to crawl into bed and sob my eyes out because I had allowed the enemy to use the day's circumstances to defeat me and to steal my joy...I got a text from a dear friend reminding me who I am in CHRIST! Her warm words came straight from the Lord's heart, and HE ( THE KING OF KINGS)...replaced what the enemy had tried to steal...MY JOY!! Thanks Jesus! So, that's my was yours??

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