November 17, 2009

God's my Refuge...not Suzy Peanut!

When things go crazy in your life, when you are discouraged, overwhelmed, fretting, in panic mode...when you are burdened, discouraged, feeling guilty....when you are tempted, attacked, persecuted...when you feel like giving up, you're grieving, you're at your wits end....where do you turn? To whom do you turn?

There are a slew of places that we turn to for refuge (security, assistance, confidence, safety). Where do you run? The phone? Your spouse? Your pastor? Suzy Peanut? (forgive me if that is your name:)) Perhaps to Facebook updates that are screaming for help, acknowledgement, approval, acceptance? Or maybe, like many others, you turn inward, to yourself.....thinking "it's no big deal" or "nobody really cares anyway", or even "if I admit I am down, sad, etc...people will think I'm weak"... None of these places will bring what we truly need. Sure, pastors, friends, family , they can totally minister to us in our point of need, but they are not intended to be Our Refuge.

I have been walking thru a season of discouragement and I have been tempted to internalize, to shut down, to work overtime to chase the voices of discouragement away, and God wisely showed me today that I was seeking a refuge other than Him. I was seeking a refuge inside of me...see a problem here? *insert laughing* THis isn't the first time I've sought a refuge outside of Him. I often seek refuge on the phone...reaching out to a dear friend, my hubby, etc...BEFORE Almighty God, MY REFUGE, a strong and mighty tower, a shelter from the storm, and the strength in my weakness.

"But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge, I will tell of all your deeds" Psalms 73:28

When we choose to make the Sovereign Lord our refuge...we are comforted, quieted, loved, blessed, and so much more. I have made this scripture my banner this week...etching it on my heart, allowing God to remind me that He is my refuge...and not to seek refuge elsewhere FIRST. Where do you turn for refuge? What does it look like to turn to the Lord for Refuge?

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