September 14, 2009

Here I am..send my pen!

If I attempted to write my story down, could I even convey the awesome power you have exhibited in my life? Could I even come close to capturing the beauty of the redemption you offered me? Could people see that you were always working even in the midst of total evil that surrounded me? Could they see your tears mixing with mine as they flowed out of your nail-pierced hands? At the one chance that any of these things could be seen, that you could be given any amount of the glory you deserve, or that one heart could turn to you, I respond to your request, “Yes Lord, Here I am, send me (& my pen)!”

I wrote this in my prayer journal a few months ago. I am spending the next several months..maybe even a year...writing down my Song of Redemption. I am not sure why God has me doing it, but I felt Him strongly urging me. Actually, He has been strongly pressing me on this for years...I just finally said yes, and decided to walk in obedience. Is there something God has been pressing you to do? Something you have been dragging your feet on? What it is, and what steps can you take to walk in obedience? Let's encourage one another...oh, and I'd love for you to hold me to this:)

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