October 2, 2009

Jesus @ DMV

I ran into a snafu at the DMV this morning. To make a very long story short..sum it up in two words BIG FINES OWED. (ok three words) I was angry and I could feel the frustration rising up in my chest as my heart started beating harder and faster, I had a sudden urge to snap the pencil in my hand, or to just start crying, and I could sense that my frustration was leaking out of me and onto DAVE, the kind gentleman behind the counter.

I wanted to justify my anger, I was expecting God to pour out His favor on me to cancel my fines, and when it didn't go my way...I was Mad!! I couldn't believe how this day was beginning, and it was ugly, pardon attitude was ugly.

Then I remembered that I was a loved daughter of the King, and loving others was a responsiblity of mine. As quickly as the anger came, it faded away..because of the LORD. I then returned to DAVE, paid my fine with true joy, and humbly asked Dave's forgiveness for the leakiness of my attitude on him. As I walked away I could sense God Almighty smiling at me, taking delight in who He created me to be, and I pretty sure that God used me to minister to Dave too. Thank you Jesus for the DMV:) Thank you for smacking me upside the head and reminding me to love, to humbly seek forgiveness, and to share you with others! Without Him...I am nothing...and if left to my flesh, I am a pain in the rear:) Thanks be to God that He saved me, and set me apart.

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