June 3, 2009

Pulling Weeds

There is this weed in my garden; it is covered with huge thorns. This weed was fairly small a few weeks ago, and since it hurt my hands to try to remove it, I decided to leave it there...mainly because no one would really see it.

The weed grows next to a very large rock, and although it used to be hiding in the shadow of the rock, this morning I looked and to my surprise it has now grown to tower over this huge rock.

As I looked at the garden this morning and was noticing the beauty of the intricate details of the flowers surrounding the rock....It struck me that Jesus is the Rock, and that garden life.

The rock is surrounded by beauty but this large weed is very much out of place from God's original intent...the weed is taking away from the beauty that God intended.

This weed reminded me of sin...sometimes we don't want to pull it out of our lives because it hurts too bad, so we decide to leave it there (after all it's hiding in the shadows where no one will see), but pretty soon it grows out of control, and becomes larger in our lives than OUR ROCK. It scars the beauty that God intends for our lives.

Then when people look at the garden of our lives,it pulls their focus off the beauty of who Christ created us to be, they don't see the beauty of the flowers surrounding the rock, they see this large weed (sin: bitterness, addiction, lack of compassion, pride, etc) and not THE ROCK (JESUS). And we were created with the purpose of bringing glory to THE ROCK(JESUS), but if the weed(sin) is larger than He is...yikes..not good!:)...but there is good news...GRACE, FORGIVENESS,MERCY, GOD's WORD; these things are like gardening gloves...put them on, and uproot the weed!

What weed needs to be uprooted in your life?

Now, if I could only find my gardening gloves (not a metaphor, just my gloves:)

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