May 27, 2009

Is that YOU, GOD?

I have had a strange sort of day today. Ever had a day where God keeps asking you to do things out of the ordinary...things that make absolutely NO SENSE to you? I had one of those days, actually it's been one of those weeks, and it has left me feeling like I needed to shout "IS THAT YOU GOD?". Some of the requests were just wacky, but alot of them are surrounding dreams that have been in my heart for years, that I have allowed to sit there because I wondered whether they could really be from God. Dreams that the world says are impossible, crazy, too-big, or even self-centered. An I have had "laugh out loud" moments today as I wrestled with obeying God's requests, and then one of my favorite bloggers, Anne Jackson, blogged about the very same thing...and I knew...I know...that my dreams are from the LORD and I am going to "Go after the biggest dream in my heart!" Starting today, I am going to stop worrying about how it will happen, if a door will ever open, what people think of my motives, and pursue the dream God planted in my heart! How about you?

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