June 6, 2009

He Just Really Loves Me

Had a conversation with God today; it went something like this....

ME: "It feels like I continually let you down Father, like everything I strive not to do...I end up doing and so I am in a season of constant discipline from your hand"

GOD: "You aren't letting me down, I knew about this season before we arrived here and although it is packed full of discipline, remember that I just really love you. I will be transforming you, refining your character...and much of that comes thru discipline from my hand. Sunny, remember...I just really love you"

ME: Smiled, sighed and then thanked him for the loving discipline!


  1. Sunny,

    How I rejoice in knowing that you know that God loves you! REST THERE while you PRESS ON....BOTH in the palm of HIS hand...

  2. You and I are walking similar roads, my friend! Thanks for always being YOU and in that, encouraging me!!