March 11, 2009

Spiritual Maturity

Since I have had lots of time in bed the past few days, I decided to look through some old journals...which is always lots of fun...shows where I have matured, prayers God has answered, ways He has changed my heart, etc. As I was looking through them, I found a quote that I heard two years ago at the Thriving Musician Summit, and I have been pondering it all day long....

"Spiritual Maturity is being able to walk hand in hand even if you don't see eye to eye". Lincoln Brewster

It seems like our human nature wants to seperate from those we don't see eye to eye with. You hear it all the time in our society, couples seperate over it, adults stop calling their parents over it, families leave churches over it, and friends simply stop being friends because of it. I felt challenged enough today that I stopped reading everything else to start thinking...who am I not seeing eye to eye with...and am I still walking hand in hand with that person..or have I chosen to pull away? What do you think? Do you stay unified with those you don't see eye to eye with?

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