March 6, 2009

You know you're too busy when....

you have to schedule an "appointment" to talk on the phone with a dear friend! I am so excited that I have one of these on Sunday of my dearest friends, Alicia Karlson. We used to hang out all the time when she lived here in Carson...all before our marriage and family days...we would dream about the future...pray fervently for God's guidance..hold each other each other (even in the ugliest of moments), slap each other upside the head when we weren't seeing clearly...the list goes on and on! And now...we can add motherhood to the John and Alicia just welcomed little Aubrey Sue into the world. I can't wait to talk to her! The great thing is about friendships like this is that even when you don't talk for some still pick up right where you left off! Yeah for phone dates for peeps who are too busy:)

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