October 26, 2008

Sunday Setlist

It was an awesome weekend at Carson Valley Christian. I got to lead worship with our other worship leader, Mark Marsella , and it may have been a first for us. Usually we are rotating weekends, but it was a total blast to do it together! Our set was as follows;

All Because of Jesus; Casting Crowns version
Mighty to Save; Hillsong version
Prayer; I asked our congregation to focus not on the mountains in their lives, but rather the mountain mover.
Hosanna: Christy Nockels version
You are Good;Brewster

I have to admit that i thought it was going to be an awkward transition to jump from Hosanna to You are Good...but I think we pulled it off, and we ended each service with an upbeat worship celebration! I would highly recommend this set to other worship leaders, it worked really well. This post is in collaboration with other worship leaders over at Fred McKinnon's place! Check it out.

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  1. Hello Sunny!

    It's me Diane Pepka! I heard you were in a car accident and wanted to call so I looked you up online!! Write back and if you would like give me your phone number so we can chat. Honestly I have never blogged if this is what blogging is I guess we can do that to! I have been down myself for a few weeks so we can encourage one another along! I love you and pray God's quick healing on your body! Love, Diane