October 26, 2008

The Power of Prayer

I had an amazing moment in the halls of our church today. In order for you to fully grasp the power of this moment, I have to backtrack a ways. Almost two years ago, I worked a temporary, part time job for some extra cash after we had Gracey. Everyday I went to work and there was a woman who always seemed unhappy. There were many days where I thought that it might be personal, and it seemed that she was irked with me for some reason. Several times, I came home really discouraged, and God called me to pray for her. Everyday as I would drive in to work I would pray for her, and then after my shift I would pray for her. Sure, there were days that I just left frustrated, and sometimes hurt, but I knew I should continue to pray. Fast forward...I ended up leaving that job and wouldn't you know it, about 2 months later I started seeing her at church, so I continued to pray. Then, not long after that, I would see her at one of our mid-week programs, and we saw each other in passing quite a bit. Then, I watched her and her husband get baptized! YEAH GOD!! So, this story is already amazing, RIGHT? Just seeing the hand of God at work was amazing! But then today, she pulled me aside, and with tears in her eyes, she courageously asked for my forgiveness for the two years prior. THIS IS WHY WE MUST PRAY!! WOW! I have watched this brave, beautiful, child of God on an amazing journey over the past two years, and as I stood there today, listening to her bravely confess her stuff, and ask forgiveness, I was so excited that God changes lives. I was blessed and encouraged by her, and fought back the tears as she spoke to me. I know that because of her bravery, and her willingness to allow the Spirit of God to shine light into her life, that God is going to take her deeper than she has ever been in her relationship with Him! YEAH GOD!

So, when someone treats us poorly, we have a choice. We can feel sorry for ourselves, lash out and dish it back out, or we can press into God's heart, and storm the gates of heaven for Christ's lost sheep! Who is that difficult person that God is calling you to pray for?

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