August 31, 2008

What a weekend! (Sunday Setlists)

We had an amazing weekend at Carson Valley Christian. The Spirit of God was so heavy in the room you could've cut through the air with a knife! On a weekend where attendance is generally low due to the holiday weekend, we decided to "go for it anyway" and pull all of our worship team together and we even included the youth worship team. We had a total of 11 vocalists on stage for what was one awesome worship set! Every service you could scan the congregation during the set and see people totally lost in worship with tears streaming down their faces as they poured thier hearts out to the King of Kings! The worship set flowed together really well and prepared people's hearts to hear God speak through our pastor, Dr. John Jackson. I was so thankful to see what God was doing in the hearts of our congregation this weekend, and the incredible unity that His Spirit brought to our team.

Our Sunday Setlist:
Promises: Desperation Band
Call to worship thru the Spoken Word
Revelation Song: Kari Jobe/Gateway Community Church
(on this song we broke it into 8 beautiful female solos/duets for what sounded like angels singing)
Agnus Dei: Michael W.Smith
(one of our vocalists stepped out and played her violin to open)
Awesome God: Kirk Franklin

This post is in collaboration with other worship leaders @ Sunday Setlist over at FredMcKinnon's blog


  1. Agnus Dei is timeless. I've got to pull that out again sometime. Great set.

  2. Thanks Gary! You're right it is a timeless classic...and our congregation was deep in worship as they sang along.

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  4. Sunny,
    Once again, thanks for being a part. Every time I go to your blog, I'm shocked - you look so much like a good friend of mine, Natalie!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon