August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is my precious hubbies birthday! He turns 34 today. I wanted to blog about what a great man he is in honor of his birthday. Listed below are my favorite things about Paul Cain...
1. He always makes me feel beautiful with the way he looks at me, and the way he talks to me.
2. He still leaves me love letters
3. He wrestles on the floor with our kids every night.
4. He cannot go through a day without calling me at least 3 times to tell me he loves me.
5. He has offered forgivness and grace to those who have hurt him deeply.
6. He reads God's word and seeks to grow in Him.
7. He takes his role as the spiritual leader seriously
8. He makes our daughter's feel like they are the most beautiful girls in the world.
9. He seeks reconciliation when things don't feel right
10. He loves Jesus with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.
11. He has a passion to see lost youth walk into the arms of Jesus.
12. He loves the History Channel
13. He helps around the house... ALOT!
14. He works hard to constantly surprise me.
15. He cares about being in accountable relationships.
16. He brings out my inner child and has helped me see it's ok to be a total goofball!
17. He cherishes my mother and has accepted my family for who they are.
18. He cares about allowing God to continue to shape his character.
19. he listens to me when I need someone to hear me.
20. He won't put up with me when I am sinning...he can speak truth in love.

Happy Birthday to My one and Only You!

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  1. VERY PROUD of you both for seeing God's hand at work in your lives. Keep on enjoying His good pleasure at your every turn..