March 27, 2008

They say I'm a dreamer

do you have a dream? a vision for your life? a sense in your soul of what God made you for? I do, and over the past year, i have continued to feel stirred, continued to feel driven, passionate, and excited about God's master plan for my life. Then, there is the occasional day, where I wonder if I'm wrong. I wonder if I thought I was hearing God, but was just hearing my own heartbeat, and not His at all. These are the moments that I wish I could sit and chat with my Jesus. sit and chat, ask Him, "Hey dad, is this what You made me for?" Is this the direction, the path, I should take? or, I am totally off? And so, I do....and you know what my Jesus says to me, "Sunny, relax, I have you in my hands." Phew! Thank goodness He does. the truth is that I don't need to worry about what God will do in my future, but rather, focus on what he is doing TODAY! where is Jesus working? Where can I join Him? Then, God will continue to direct my paths and I won't have to worry about tomorrow!

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