March 26, 2008

American Idol Rundown

i had a sleepover with a girlfriend last night and we watched American Idol. We also ate so much of her daughter's Easter candy that I thought I would puke, but I did have some thoughts on the evening.

Random thoughts

*Chiquizi-oh pleazy....this late in the game, I expected him to do something a little more full of umph!

*Kristi Lee Cook-totally ticked that she decided to play the patriotic card, sing "Proud to be an American" because now she will make it through for another week.

*Archuletta- what song was that?

*David Cook....remix of Billie Jean....genius, pure genius, may have just won the show.

*Carly-I felt really bad that the fashion team did not help her with wardrobe malfunctions. Her outfit was awful so it distracted me from her performance....darn, how was it?

The rest of the contestants, to be honest, I already forgot their perfomances