April 1, 2008

Green Eggs & Ham from Sin I am.

As I was reading Dr.Seuss's book, Green Eggs and Ham,it hit me that it is an incredible illustration of how sin works in our lives when we don't have Jesus Christ. Sam I Am (or sin), is very crafty as he tries to convice his object to eat green eggs and ham, in a house, with a mouse, here or there, in a box, with a fox....are just some of the ways he tries. The truth is that no matter how you dish it out, they are still green eggs and ham. finally, the object of Sam's temptation (or sin), gives in by saying "I will try them, don't you see, if you will just let me be!" and then he likes them. We like sin sometimes too, because it feels good, or it is the easy way out. See, just like Sam I am, the enemy of our soul is very persistent, and he will try ANYTHING to get us to stumble into sin, and I promise you, that just like in the Dr. Seuss tale, you will eventually give into temptation if you do not call on the name of Jesus. How would that story have been different if Sam's object had Jesus to call on, to call out in his weakness? What if he would have had an accountability partner that could've helped him stand against Sam, and say "I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM, AND I WILL NOT GIVE IN!". Our intentions might be to stay away from the sin, but the enemy is much stronger than our greatest intention ....unless, we have Jesus Christ to call on. My prayer for you is that you will call on Jesus, stand against the enemies schemes, and not end up like this Dr. Seuss tale ends "ok, I will try it if you let me be!", but rather " I will not try it, you will see, I will not try let me be!

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  1. Love the Blog update, I'll keep you in prayer on the Seuss thing (joking!)