November 9, 2007

Connecting father to the Father

A Father embraces his child when he walks into a room
A Father lights up at the sight of his precious children
A Father is playful and stirs up laughter in his children
A Father holds his child when she cries out in pain, comforts her when she is sad, assures her when she is scared, helps her when she is helpless.
There is nothing quite like watching a father in action with his children.

I have recently been observing my husband in "father" mode. My whole life I have really struggled wrapping my mind around what it would be like to sit in Father God's lap, primarily because of my lack of an earthly father. A great friend of mine told me to start trying to see my hubby in action with our would be a starting point for me

I am totally in awe that Father God wants to.....
embrace me when He sees me
that He lights up at my beauty as His precious child
that He desires to sit, laugh, and "hang out" with me
My Father God holds me when I am in pain, comforts me when I am sad, assures me when I am fearful, and helps me when I am helpless.

What a blessing it has been witnessing a wonderful father in action. God is using my husband to show me how He(my Father in heaven), longs to be my Father. What a wonderful feeling to know that the God of the universe cares about me infinitely more than I can comprehend, even more than my husband and I love our! that's huge. And guess what, He loves you like that to!


  1. God is so good at showing us images of His love. I to sit back and watch Henry hold and care for our children and it always brings me peace. Thanks for sharing Sunny!

    Love you

  2. That is an awesome way to put it. Thank you for sharing that as it helps me to put my lack of a healthy earthly father into perspective. -Kimberly