December 6, 2007

On Hiatus

Ok, so it probably seems that I have disappeared from the blogosphere, but things have just been really hectic lately. I will attempt to catch you up...

1. I've been rehearsing for a sweet musical drama presentation called Imagine Christmas that hits our church "theatre" tomorrow. There are like 75 cast and crew, and God is going to do some awesome things.

2. I celebrated my 27th birthday last fun! My dear friends threw me a party where we had food, fellowship, and fun playing old school PICTIONARY! The guys team won...darn it!

3. I have recently discovered a brand new game called must play it! (card game...similar to scrabble...but much more fun)

4. My Gracey Lu turns one this weekend. YOWZA! We have a party planned for Saturday.

5. All this, and the flu too...oh yeah, and somewhere in there we had strep throat too.

So, I think I brought you up to speed on my crazy life. God is doing some awesome things, He is on the move, and I will continue to post on a more regular basis!