October 30, 2007

Worship or Karaoke?

Tonight as I was leading worship at our STEP ministry, there were some major tech issues....the words were missing from the screen, so people just froze, or some of us went on in a bit of a frenzy, worried we may be singing the wrong words. It occured to me that God could really care less about the words we sing.....He cares about our hearts attitudes. God is not some guy sitting in the back of a karaoke bar just listening as someone braves to follow along with the words and a background track to RESPECT by Aretha Franklin. He is an audience of ONE, that desires to see our hearts surrendered in worship to him. What if the power went out during a service? Would worship be ruined for the service? Should we call it quits and just skip the "singing part" of church? I remember an old friend who was a DJ and did karoake gigs, well something had gone wrong with his put him out of business for a few weeks, until he could afford to fix the problem. Don't people approach worship like this sometimes? "Oh....I don't know the words to this song, I can't worship? Oh, someone messed up the media shouts...bummer, can't worship today." Yikes....we're out of business today...broken equipment. The fact is, we aren't in the business of running a karoake booth, where we must rely on "words on a screen" and background tracks, we are in the business of worshiping a King who died for us. We are in the business of expressing heartfelt praise to a King who has transformed us. We are in the business of giving Him glory! What would it look like to run a worship set without words, without a clear understanding of the songs, how would you worship? As a leader, would you brave "uncharted" territory? or is it easier to always rely on the good ol' karoake machine? What do you think?


  1. Hehe, Like Jeanne says, if your gonna make a mistake, make it big.. : ) I just kept on a singin, even thought my words weren't even close!! Great job winging it girlfriend!!