October 29, 2007

Newsong Weekend

I had so much fun leading worship with Newsong this past weekend. Newsong is our church choir and this was their first time back to the stage for the fall season. They are such a wonderful group of people. We have so much fun rockin for Jesus:) ONe of my favorite worship tunes is "Worship you Forever", and we did the Women of Faith version this weekend. It has some fun background parts that were very difficult, but man Newsong really pulled it off. This past weekend ranks as one of my "top five" favorite times leading worship for CVC! THanks so much NEWSONG! Also, we welcomed a new member to our praise team this week....very exciting because it is a male...we have been working with 2 men lately...the poor guys are probably getting burnt out. Jason, our new teammate sang up front with me this weekend, and he really did a great job. Praise God! Now we are on to Christmas season preparation. favorite time of year:) Oh YEAH!

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