June 7, 2007

When traveling to Montana....pack appropriately!

Well, the weather here has been absolutely awful! Yesterday it rained the whole day and it was freezing. The bad news is that I totally didn't pack for this weather for Gracey or myself. I have to go buy Gracey some pants so her little legs don't freeze!
Note to self: Don't wear flip flops in the rain or you will be flipping and floppin the rain on your legs!


  1. The weather is a little nicer today, but the last two days have been yucky! Yes.. if you go on my myspace, look at my friends list and click on JJ Heller. If you go to her site. Listen to "Thank You" and "Love Me". Really moving songs. I've wanted to sing "Love Me" as a special at church forever!! It could have a drama along with it? Don't you think? Anyway.. Hope you're having a great time and we'll see you when you get home!!

  2. I hate having my feet wet. Especially when wearing flip flops in the rain since then not only on your feet wet but also you leg as well. It's the worst!
    Hope you are having a great time!