June 5, 2007

We made it!

Well, Gracey and I officially made it to Helena MT last night at 10pm! It was an extremely long day for us...we got up at 5am and flew out of Reno at 7:45....into Spokane WA. ....where we drove to Superior MT....hung out with family....drove on to Whitehall MT to drop off my grandmother and to visit grandpa Dale.....then finally on to Helena MT (mom lives here)....stopped at Walmart because Gracey ran out of diapers...then finally, finally made it to her house. (that was a total run-on sentence!) Just when I thought I would be able to lay my head down to sleep, Gracey decided that it was time to play so we were up for another two hours until 1am! Goodness Gracious! But...we made it safely and that is what matters!

I went to high school in Superior MT and I haven't been back to visit since I left for Nevada five years ago. I have visited Montana, but never made it all the way over to Superior. It's funny how when I was in high school, all I wanted was to get away from that small town...too boring, nothing to do, not enough on....but now, as an adult, I would give anything to be back there. We visited my sister/cousin's house where I was greeted by her cute little girl Taylor wearing her Dora swimsuit and pink cowboy last I was home! Words cannot even describe the beauty of the area. God has his handprints all over that area....breathtaking. Her house is in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful green trees (everywhere), impeccable mountain views, and you have never seen the sky until you have visited Montana, home of the Big Sky! It is so vast, it seems like it stretches forever. The mountains lift ever so perfectly on the horizon...they appear to be pointing to my King. There are horses all around her property...two colts were born just days before we got there. The land is phenomenal! Wish you all could see it. In the background there is a very unfamiliar sound, at least if you live where I's called silence...stillness, so all you can do is stand back and adore God's hand. I wanted to sing to Him as I stood there admiring His creation. The creek running in the background would've been sweet background music. Hallelujah!
I would love to wake up every morning, sit on her porch with my Starbucks and my Bible and just take in the majesty of His hand....but there is one slight problem....the closest Starbucks is at minimum 1hour away! Darn! Until next time!.....