June 8, 2007

My home's in Montana

My home's in Montana, I wear a bandana
My spurs are of silver, my pony is grey
While riding the ranges, my luck never changes
With foot in the stirrup I gallop away!
M..O...N...T...A..N...A....Montana I love you!

Obviously you can see that I am really enjoying my time here! I am resorting to singing the anthem of our state! I can't believe I still remember that from grade school. Pathetic? Not sure...maybe Genius? Doubtful! Anyways, the weather is finally improving here in Montana. (of course, after we just bought pants and appropriate clothing for Gracey). Tonight I am heading to Whitehall Montana for the weekend, where I get to hang out with my Grammy and my cousin Bobbi. Should make for an exciting weekend. Bobbi has two little boys ages three and almost two. They are fun, but a handful! Her three year old, Brendan, just adores little Gracey. We will be with them through Monday and then I head to Superior Mt (where I went to high school), until Wednesday and then I head to Missoula (college). I am so excited to be able to see so many of my homies while I am home! ( I crack myself up, seriously)!

One more bit of news! I weighed in today and guess what? I have now lost a total of 12.3 lbs! Woohoo! Sweet! I am only 3.7 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Praise God for giving me the strength and the discipline to carry on with weight watchers! Keep praying for me ! Miss you guys!

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