June 2, 2007

Weekend Conference

This weekend I attended a retreat at my church given by Rory Noland, author of Heart of the Artist, Thriving as an Artist in the Church, and Worshipping Artists. I really was blessed and inspired by the whole weekend. I had some awesome conversations with people serving in our creative arts ministry that I haven't ever really had the chance to get to know. I tell you what....I am convinced that we have some of the most amazing artists ever in our ministry. I was so touched by the transparency of the individuals and the outpouring of God's love that I witnessed in these women. Rory Noland touched on the subject of perfectionism vs. excellence and I really got a boatload of notes taken! I think the conference was a total hit!

On another note......I leave Monday and packing is becoming overwhelming...I don't know why....probably because I am a perfectionist:) Hey, I am a work in progress....progression not perfection!

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