June 15, 2007

100 reasons that I love my husband

Ok, so I have been inspired by my dear friend Jeanne (who is a newly-wed), and challenged by my friend Tina to list the reasons that I love my husband so here it goes!

1. He loves Jesus
2. He loves me in ways that I have never felt loved before
3. He exhibits humility
4. He has a heart shaped by God
5. He is super duper handsome
6. He has a nice body
7. He is passionate about helping teens recover from drugs and alcohol and turn to Jesus
8. He loves his children more than any man that I know
9. He is a great provider
10. He really believes that the grass is greener where you water it and not always on the other side.
11. He is a hard worker
12. He will go out shopping with me and actually help me pick out new clothes.
13. He has an eye for style
14. He is honest
15. He is really playful
16. He has allowed God to direct his path
17. He has really stepped into the spiritual leader position of our family
18. He gets excited about projects...(currently his new boat)
19. He encourages me
20. He encourages me to dream
21. He believes in me
22. He can break dance
23. He makes me laugh
24. He has a really great laugh
25. He always tells me that I am beautiful
26. He watches American Idol and So you Think you can Dance with me
27. He cried at the movie "The Notebook"
28. He loved the movie "A Walk to Remember"
29. He loves bang bang shoot em up movies!
30. He helps clean the house
31. He has a junk drawer that has to be constantly emptied
32. He always leaves Free Smoothie coupons in his laundry
33. He is a good cook
34. He is not afraid to reach out for help if he needs it.
35. He is committed to our marriage
36. He adores his children
37. He makes our baby laugh so hard.
38. He acts like a child half the time!
39. He is tender
40. He love language is Touch
41. He affirms me
42. He has tatoos!
43. He loves my cooking
44. he loves my cooking even if it is really not good.
45. He loves my mother.
46. He would do anything for me
47. He is in tune with God's will
48. He sings really loud in the car (even if it is off-key!)
49. He will talk on the phone with me for hours (even though he doesn't like to talk on the phone)
50. He runs to 7-eleven if I am having a "pop-fix"
51. He thinks that I have beautiful ears
52. He loves to hear me sing
53. He is a hopeless romantic
54. He supports me in all that I do
55. He is always up for a good game of Cranium with friends (the girls are ahead by the way)
56. He talks really loud when he is nervous
57. He has small hands that are always cold
58. he has absolutely wonderful feet (no callouses or dry skin...super soft...i'm jealous)
59. He scratches my back for me
60. He will change Gracey's diaper any time for me
61. He stands up for what he believes in
62. He genuinly misses me when I am gone
63. He can' stand sleeping alone
64. He takes naps with the baby
65. He loves to play this motorcyle game
66. He loves hide and go seek
67. He enjoys riding bikes with the kids
68. He has been a role model to many others
69. He still looks at me the same as he did when we first met
70. He always wants to surprise me
71. He gives good gifts
72. He is thoughtful
73. He often leaves me and each of the kids hand-written love letters before he leaves for work
74. He is always appreciative if I make him lunch
75. He respects me
76. He is getting better about looking at me when he is listening
77. He loves to go to church
78. He gets excited when I lead worship and often prays with me before hand
79. He has integrity
80. He is always looking to be challenged
81. He loves strawberries dipped in chocolate
82. He is super competitive
83. He plays board games with me
84. He is really happy every night when he walks in the door from work.
85. He needs me to remind him to put sunscreen on.
86. He is always happy to take a road trip for me to go home to montana (hello...17hours...3!)
87. He allows me to sing at church as often as I can because he supports what God has created me to do,.....even though it often means some sacrifice of family time.
88. He allows me to change my clothes 8 times and acts truly interested in which outfit was more flattering!
89. He says things that are so "80's" like me (Peace Out )
90. He still does "high-fives"
91. He always tells our girls how beautiful they are
92. He looks forward to the Father Daughter dance all year long
93. He puts a lot of effort in to surprising me
94. He looks at me with adoring eyes
95. Even when I tick him off, he still adores me
96. He is 6 foot but wears jeans that are only 32' long!
97. He has soft lips
98. He never gets tired of kissing me
99. He is super duper handsome ( oh yeah I already said that)
100. He is the worlds greatest husband and father

Paul .. I love you and miss you so much. I cannot wait to see you finally on Saturday night. Gracey and I are anxiously awaiting our departure time.

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  1. Awesome! Wasn't that fun to do ? I'm sure Paul will enjoy reading it too!