May 17, 2007

For God so loved ME!

This morning, I was laying in bed listening ot my precious baby sing. I am telling you that it is a born talent in that girl. Of course she is around music all the time! It's funny, but until Gracey started singing, and I took a look at myself, I never realized how I turn everything into a song....even changing her diaper! She probably hears me sing more than she hears me talk! :)
Anyways, as I laid there listening to her, I was thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made for me. Having a child of my own has totally changed my perspective of God's love for me. It's like somehow, some way I am finally starting to understand the amazing love of my Saviour. (truthfully....I may never fully understand it....but I have a good idea). I cannot imagine sacrificing my daughter for anyone....not my best friends, and surely not for a whacked out person like myself! But, that is just what Father God did for ME. "For God so loved ME that He gave His only begotten Son, so that I would have everlasting life." and He did this "while I was still a sinner" . What a hard concept to grasp! God loves me enough to give up His son. WOW! I have never loved someone that much. Until I had Gracey, I guess I couldn't even imagine what God did......but now, I understand more so how difficult that would've been. I have always struggled with grasping God's love for me. I have always struggled with putting conditions on His love, forcing myself to try to earn it. But, now I look at Gracey....and I know that she doesn't have to earn my love....she already has it, and by no doing of her own. I finally understand that God's love is unconditional, He is my father, my daddy, my precious adonai, and He loves me for me, and desires to prosper me, to build me up, and most of Love ME! And the best part is....He did all these things for you too! He loves you, desires to prosper you, to be in relationship with you, to build you up, to be loved by you....but most of all...He wants to love you...Will you let him?

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  1. Isn't amazing what our children make us realize? Right as I was reading your blog, Roderick came sat on my lap. Have you ever wondered how Mary felt as she held Jesus...knowing that one day she would have to give him up for a bunch of ungrateful sinners.