May 20, 2007


Well, I thought I would log in and say..."I lost two more pounds this week....for a total of 8lbs". WOOHOO. God is soooo good. He has been totally giving me the strength to have self control when it comes to my eating. I feel Grrrreeaat (show em your a tiger, show em what you can do!) :)) (Kelloggs frosted flakes) .
God has really used this weekend to stretch me, pull me, tug me.....I've had to grieve some closed doors, and refocus on God's will for my life...not my will for my life. I have been knocking on some doors that I am not suppossed to be knocking on...somehow I had turned down the wrong street...but thankfully because I have a super awesome husband that is in tune with God....he has helped redirect me in the right direction. Yeah for my better half. (thank you Jesus for blessing me with him) I am so thankful for his leadership and his love in my life. (love ya honey)
Speaking of new streets....I am super excited because I am going to be steppin into a new direction of ministry. Some of you may know that I am involved with the STEP ministry at our church as a co-facilitator....but I am going to be STEPPIN UP and using my passion forJesus Christ, changed lives, leadership, team-building, training, creativity, take a stab at growing STEP to a new level with an awesome group of leaders. I am so blessed that Henry and Cindy Conover are such impactful leaders, they are not afraid to let their leaders fly....even if it means letting them make mistakes....because I am sure that I will make plenty...and I know that they will be right there to help me switch gears, learn from my mistakes, and dust myself off to try again. I am so excited....giddy give to this ministry. My awesome hubby is also changing gears and swinging more into STEP.....still working with youth, but more in a recovery type setting. SWEET to serve with him!
I just know that God has great plans for us....and I am excited to watch what he will do. I am still going to be a part of the worship team on the weekends (of course), but I am so excited to channel the gifts that God has given me into STEP leadership. Please pray for God to guide my steps and to fuel my creativity.


  1. You're gonna do great things through STEP. I just know it!! Henry and Cindy are gonna be so blessed to have you on their team.. just as I am to have you on Praise Team with me!!