May 12, 2007

Mr and Mrs. Mark Hounsell

Well, the wedding is officially over and Mark and Jeanne are off to catch their flight to Scottsdale AZ for the honeymoon. It turned out to be a beautiful day, slightly windy, but overall it was awesome. The ceremony was super fun. Pastor Henry gave a real "personal" touch to the wedding, with fun stories, and genuine love for the couple. I was really moved. Although, I did have to sit off to the side (with the band), so I didn't have a very good view at all. Actually, my view was of the groomsmen's backsides, and I couldn't see the bride and groom except for her poofy veil! The reception was also incredible. Great food, fun dancing, great toasts, and of course time for Paul and I without Gracey attached to my hip. (by the way she turned 5 months this week! WHOA!) The day went pretty smoothly, we finished the reception area at like 12:30 or 1pm (beautiful), and got out of the food crew's way. Speaking of the food crew, they were amazing, especially considering that they found out the morning of the wedding that Jeanne needed someone to prepare and serve food. Yes, I did type that correctly......Debbie Logan graciously stepped up and took care of the food for the wedding because Jerilyn (our dear friend and the caterer), her husband had a heart attack the morning of the wedding! ( he is doing much better now, and was in God's hands the entire time! I was just amazed at how well Debbie handled everything. I cannot even imagine the stress of planning food for a wedding, the day of the wedding. Thank God for Debbie, she is an absolute well as her whole food crew....Danielle, Becki, and Crystal...we love you guys.
Oh, yeah...there was alot of laughing at the wedding too. My good friend Cathy recieved a wonderful gift from a bird flying overhead.. and then we decided to surprise Jeanne and Mark with a limo for the ride to the reception (last minute plans also) was a very, can I put this nicely, .....a very old fashioned limo! It wasn't the "posh" limo we were expecting, and the driver was a real character.....the best part was that when they drove off, the limo was smoking....oh well! It was a nice thought!
So, in a nutshell...that was the wedding.....great fun, great friends, and oh yeah..for a brief moment, my husband gotta love it.

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  1. We LOVED the limo... It definately had charachter... the fact you guys thought of us and suprised us was awesome....!!! Thank You again...