April 3, 2007

I will not be taken!

Unity is beautiful, stunning in fact, but very hard to come by, particularly at this time of year (easter) . I have had the awesome priveledge of putting my blood and sweat into the Easter services at my church for the past several years (love it!) , but each year at this time, I watch the enemy sneak in and try to devour our team's unity. If it's not one thing it is another. A couple of people whispering at the back, one person wishing they didn't volunteer to sing in the first place, another person mad because so and so got the lead in the drama.....on and on and on. (just examples by the way....not specific details:)) I hear it too, the enemies lies sneaking up....."you sound horrible! the choir is upset with you and wondering why the heck you are leading this song! why did she get the part?, what is this all about?) On and on and on! The fact is we need to be proactive and stay on top of the enemy....he is incredibly predictable, always trying to rob us of joy, and destroy anything that we are doing for the kingdom of God. I have made a decision that I will completely surrender these attitudes to God, and that if I hear any grumbling this season that I will refuse to hear it, nip it in the butt, and really pray that God takes full control of our thoughts. You see, the enemy wants the unity of our team to fall apart for Easter, he knows that together we are a powerhouse for God's kingdom and that lives will be impacted, changed, and given to Christ! So, he is on the defense, he doesn't want us charging towards the end zone..and gaining yards....he wants to tackle us, and let's face it, he wants his territory back, he is using desperate measures to do everything in his power to keep God's kingdom from gaining a changed life. I must admit that as I sit here typing this, I am convicted...I know that on our first rehearsal I grumbled, and had a poor attitude at times, but the good news is that I do not stand defeated. The enemy intended to pull me apart from my compadres....but I refuse to go....Stick it Satan!

God, would you take control of my thoughts this Easter? Would you help me to keep a good attitude and to remember that I stand on that stage as a vessel for you to work through. Would you remind me that together, with all members of the choir, the band, the drama, the tech team, the first impressions team, and the pastoral staff....that together, we are a powerhouse for your kingdom. Reveal my heart to me Oh God, show me when I am listening to the enemy who is so busy trying to keep me from doing your work. Would you give me courage to refuse to listen to grumbling, to stand up to gossip, and to point all glory towards you and your Son? God I love you, thank you for teaching me your ways. I am aware of your glory, aware of the price you paid for my life, and aware of the love you have for me, would you help me to reflect this awareness as I sing this weekend. Would you pierce my heart this Easter and show me how to love on others? I love you and it is in your precious son's name that I pray. Amen

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